Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

The members of Student Council and Color Guard are working to implement a better SUSTAINABILITY program at our school. Student Council and Color Guard members will inform all the students and staff by putting up posters in the hallways. Tony and the custodians provided each classroom with a "garbage" bin and a "paper" recycling bin. In the hallways, there are recycling containers for plastic, glass and small metal items. With the help from the Kitchen Staff and School Aides, the cafeteria is now recycling all milk and juice containers. Ms. Fremont has been reusing lunch trays as paint trays in the Art Studio.




Organics recycling 
in the Cafeteria
starts October 6th

Watch how PS 316K 
started the Organics Recycling Program

Videos about Recycling

Why should we RECYCLE?

Types of Pollution